No time to visit us on site? Get your coach at home and get started right away!

What’s your benefit:

Train from home with complete flexibility
Don’t worry about planning your training
Get fit and feel good even if you are short on time
Connect with other motivated athletes in your training group
Receive regular support and advice from a professional CrossFit trainer

Maybe your life is turbulent, and you can hardly find time for yourself. Maybe you don’t have access to a professional training facility. Maybe you just want to improve your fitness and well-being right from home.

The challenge at home is often the motivation and monotony of training. With BRIZZLY online training these points are taken over for you. You are placed into a group with other athletes who do the same training from home. You can always connect with others in your group and motivate each other. You will receive new workout videos every day, in which you can simply train with the coach in the video while he explains everything to you. You can do the workouts at any time. A coach is at your side for questions about movements, training, physical restrictions, or general questions.

There are no more excuses! You can now easily reach your fitness goals from your living room!
Do it for yourself!